Mia and the Crystal Tulip



Born and raised in Switzerland, Véronique immigrated to Canada in 1988.


Throughout her life, she has worked with children. She first started teaching preschool and kindergarten in 1991, in Surrey, B.C., Canada. Over her many years of teaching, she invented stories to tell her students. These stories evolved over time and eventually, Véronique began to write them down.

In 2008, she graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature with a course on Writing for Children and Teenagers. 




After being shrunk to the size of an insect, Mia sets off on an adventure to regain her size and escape villains. She discovers a society who lives in the shadows of the human world, unseen. With the help of four friends, she must race against time to discover who shrunk her before the effect of the Tulip takes hold and kills her.


Mia and Jason are as different as can be, the exact opposite of two peas in a pod, and are far from being friends. Yet, over the course of an epic journey, they will need to learn to trust each other. Together, they will meet friends and foes, fight villains and learn to rely on each other to come back home safely. 


Mia and the Crystal Tulip